Jennifer Lopez “I ain’t yo mama” sigh

Well the newest worst thing on youtube is this video.

Ok so it starts out with Jenny from the block on a payphone in the rain (because that’s how we used to talk but now we ain’t havin that hahahah). Then we transition to where she’s behind a desk and in the background you hear a Hillary Clinton recording talking about “Women’s rights are human rights” (but not Monica blue dress or any of the myriad other women on Bubba’s hit list) but equal pay an shit. Oh she’s handed a script by a white man, lol she ain’t havin that, she literally flips it, like towards the camera.

Now it turns to a male model in a white (of course) dress shirt with a tie (goddam the man) reading a newspaper.  Next it gets to the song which is awful, she basically mumbles ooooaaaahhh I ain’t yo mamma.  no more playing video games?  Then she dumps some food on the models head.  She keeps declaring “I’m too good for that” but she keeps acting like a lunatic.  That dude is probably wishing you would move on and is smashing cooz half your age.