Video review “bad blood”

Scrolling through youtube and stumbled upon this after birth of a music video.  Anyway its taylor swift and Kendrick Lamar whoever that is.  Ok no music so far which is cool.  Some dude gets slammed on a desk, then john mayers angry ex comes in doing some dumb flip shit and puts lipstick on.  Now there’s another angry woman but she’s black and named “arsyn”? So now they’re flipping around and kicking dudes that im pretty sure are supposed to be Asian because they have masks but only over their eyes. Ok so maybe the other chick isnt black, is it selena Gomez?  Whoever it is just kicked snow white out of the window and she landed in a car.  Now there’s singing again and its truly awful…no …no now there’s a rap over and there’s a mannequin smoking a cigar with the words “lucky fiori” next to it.  Now will smiths son is rapping while Jake Gyllenhaals ex is mo staring menacingly and sword fighting? Haha wtf?  There’s an asian chick with a fur coat on with the words “frostbyte” next to her.  Now the stealer of beyonces thunder is in a boxing ring fighting with another model, and the music is basically “now we got baaad blood…now we got praaahhhblems”.  Im not kidding.  Thats half the song. And of course it ends in splosions and girl power. 

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