The feminist brownshirts

Yes they exist.  Apparently there are women out there who’s lives are so exciting that they can take time from estimating who’s womb will go dry first to stalking someone who posts on a blog while mostly intoxicated. 

3 thoughts on “The feminist brownshirts

  1. The blogger ends rant with the penultimate word Junglepussy.
    And then the word respect in all caps after the word Junglepussy.
    We do live in strange times.


  2. Wilson, I don’t know you at all, but I really appreciate that you have a sense of humor. You seem to be able to make certain windbags go absolutely apeshit on other blogs. Keep up the good work. Even though other people seem to be able to post opinions on said blog using the name “Hitler” with no repercussions, I’ve been blacklisted. Crazy. Some PhD’s really are Piled High and Deep.


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