Ok so im watching “the affair”

Its basically about a guy who cheats on his wife with a younger hotter woman.  But rather than leave the prune he hopes to stick around.  Lol well the daughter they have is bulimic.  Now she’s yelling and now they’re in therapy. Im pretty sure she’s the girl from liar liar but now there’s just an annoying noise.  Oh god she has a monologue she could’ve had anyone, dude is still arguing with her.  GO BACK TO FUCKING RUTH WILSON.

Ok john Oliver.

At first I thought it was a cute idea, have a plaid wearing limey comment on american culture.  You know, let the little kid come in to bat after the game is won for a participant ribbon.  But this googly eyed weirdo continues to challenge the pitcher who is waiting to send some chin music his way. 
I guess its just a testament as to how much ass america kicks where we allow someone from a country who we not only said no to but drove them from our shores twice to criticize  our culture.