So there’s a “beef” between two female rappers

Iggy azalea and azalea banks.  Until I read about it on my USA today news feed I had no idea who either one was.  So then I googled and one of them is responsible for that fucking fancy song, and yep its the goddam white azalea.  There’s some pale chick singing while whitey raps, all I hear is who dat who dat, who cries for the youth.

Ok so next lets listen to an azalea banks song. Ok its called cha
sing time, and it sounds like a c&c music factory song with lil kim rapping over it.  So basically terrible.  She even has one tit hanging out in an outfit, but she has a ring through her nose…as fuck this. 

They’re both horrible shitty rappers/auto tuners.  Im gonna go listen to missy Elliott on pandora.

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