7 thoughts on “A serious post

  1. It sure was brave because he could have lost a lot of popular support.
    I also like the way he invoked the term ‘colonialism’, but he got it backwards. Perhaps he got his Kenya speech mixed up with his Cuba speech, since Cuba actually went from being a country with an immigration problem to being a country people are willing to jump on a leaky raft and take their chances pushing out into the deep blue just for the chance to go elsewhere…AFTER Castro turned the country into a colony of the USSR.


  2. Out of respect for the fact that you’ve addressed the Cuba issue on your blog (so few have), I’ll offer a constructive response. It will probably be my last, I dont’ think you and I have much in common, Wilson.
    First, this wasn’t “brave” of Obama. “Brave” is Sadat signing the Camp David Accords. He checked the political wind, consulted the PR boiler room and decided he no longer needed the Cuban vote (if he did, he probably wouldn’t be in office).

    I couldn’t care less about normalizing relations with Cuba….just about everyone else in the world trades with them and visits so I see no reason why we shouldn’t. But Castro is a bastard and that regime a farce, and it aptly illustrates exactly what happens under Communism (if North Korea, Mao’s China and the Khmer Rouge weren’t enough).


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