So there’s a “beef” between two female rappers

Iggy azalea and azalea banks.  Until I read about it on my USA today news feed I had no idea who either one was.  So then I googled and one of them is responsible for that fucking fancy song, and yep its the goddam white azalea.  There’s some pale chick singing while whitey raps, all I hear is who dat who dat, who cries for the youth.

Ok so next lets listen to an azalea banks song. Ok its called cha Continue reading

Gone girl movie review

So I finally saw the adaptation of gillian flynns gone girl.  While I thought the novel was awful, holy shit did david fincher going off of gillians screenplay knock it out of the park.  I enjoy gillian flynns writing style, but I found the book to be a tad heavy handed and a bit patronizing.   However how she pared it down for the screenplay was brilliant.  Rosamund pike is phenomenal as the psychopathic amy.  She manages to garner sympathy for a character in the book  who is so petulant and irredeemable that its hard to root for anything but her death.  Ben affleck is also perfectly cast as the clueless moron nick from the book.  Had amy been cast as anyone else the movie could have easily fallen into the pulpy unintentionally funny mystery novel like the book.  But again Rosamund pike takes an almost cartoonish character and makes her feel real.  Im also really a fan of fincher teaming up with Trent Reznor for soundtrack duty.  The music behind the sex scene between amy and desi makes an already terrifying scene so much more disturbing.  Im a fan of gillian flynns novels, despite their limitations,  but the rumor is she is going to be writing a series reboot of the british show utopia which is a brilliant bbc show, and after seeing her first screenplay im much less apprehensive. Continue reading

Watching popular music videos

Ok this one is iggy azalea and Rita ora.  Thirty seven seconds in and already fuck you, michael Madsen, aka Vic Vega is there for a Tarantino nod? Now the white girl is rapping with a samurai sword,  now they’re playing cards, now they’re riding motorcycles, now they’re sword fighting.  Ha she was chopping lettuce it was all a fantasy omg *farts