My college experience with sexual assault

I was in college for 7 years during the late 90s/early 2000s (no not for one degree) including being in a fraternity while in my undergrad studies.  I only preface the rest of this post with that timeline as after reading many blogs it appears colleges in america have basically become rapey town.  So I thought back to my time and could really only think of one time I ever encountered sexual assault personally.  Now this is anecdotal and not meant to disparage other peoples experiences.
Anyway it was circa 1996, a time when the spice girls and nine inch nails were still a thing, and mtv actually played music videos.  I was an undergrad at a Midwestern university, rather newly initiated into a fraternity.   Our frat had a mixer set up with a sorority where we would be bussed out to an alums land for a bonfire/keg party with a dj, where we all got hammered and waved glow sticks around with the other 90s shit that we did.  On the way home, however, one of our younger members who couldn’t handle his natural light got a bit too handsy with his date.  We were in a school bus of the yellow kind,  and it was just my frat and the sorority we asked to have the mixer with, so it wasn’t difficult to hear her protests, which were immediately met by four of my larger brothers removing him from his seat and making a space for him to pass out in.  A bit of background exposition is needed here, the president of our fraternity at the time arranged this mixer and he dated the president of the sorority we were with.  So yeah foreshadowing.
Flash forward, the brother who had embarrassed himself and us, is passed out in his bunk bed.  Well we had another brother who was an art major.  So we commissioned his work to address the situation.  He did not disappoint.   There are markers, like the crayola magic markers that wipe off  with a paper towel.  Then there were these markers.  They looked like little minute man nuclear missiles,  only the missiles had more warnings about contact with skin.  So our artist chooses two colors; black and red.  I shit you not he turned his face into the textbook caricature of the devil, had the black horns aligned with his already receding hairline and everything.  Now you’d think that would be enough, but by now a crowd had gathered, including the girl he had inappropriately groped.  Well no.  One of our larger brothers decided he needed to not simply sleep, and needed another reminder of the nights events.  So he took a fully wound up punch and connected square in the middle of his thigh.

Now imagine being punched by a large man on your thigh while sober.

Now imagine being punched by a large man on your thigh while being passed out drunk with your face painted in marker to look like the devil.

Needless to say we didnt worry too much about sexual assault in our house.

3 thoughts on “My college experience with sexual assault

  1. How long did it take for the marker to wash off? I think that was a good way to enforce group norms. Not only did the guy in question get the message, but everyone witnessing it also go the message that such behavior would have repercussions. Good for you guys! Thanks for sharing that!


      • @ Wilson sounds like he learned some manners, well done! 🙂 my three year old drew a nose and whiskers on herself w a sharpie marker she somehow got a hold of. She said she was a tiger! Kinda a whole other type of thing, but it was cute. And took a week to wear off.


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