If you select your movies based on the bechdel test youre missing out.

In the blogosphere there are so many references to the bechdel test.   Mostly it comes from women in their first year of college and from men who are referred to in the blogosphere as “white knights”, men who are so incredibly clueless that they would likely embrace the label while being ridiculed at the same time.  the bechdel test establishes some arbitrary rules about what makes a movie sexist or some shit.  The problem is this, Hollywood doesn’t care!  As long as michael bay makes things go boom and movies like transformers 18 make money at the box office they arent going to change anything no matter the social problems his idiotic movies support.  There is literally a scene in the latest transformers movie about a Romeo and Juliet law excepting someone from statutory rape.  It literally took mark wahlberg from the respect he had built up in “the departed” back to dancing with the funky bunch.  I started out with a point but I kinda lost it.  There are good movies out there with strong female roles, I would argue that “winters bone” is one, but just because there’s a male involved in the female protagonists journey doesn’t support some patriarchal society as much as it shows that women can overcome it.

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